Monday, November 2, 2009

Wedding Day

Well, we got married on 10/10/09. It was a nice wedding. Then for our honeymoon we went on a 7 day cruise to the Mexican Riveria. It was SO fun! Will had never been on a cruise before so that was fun to be with him on his first cruise. This was my 3rd cruise. I wish I could go back on vacation. "Real Life" is just crazy. Time is going by so fast. There is always something else I should be doing. Well here are a few pictures from the wedding...
Wedding: Eldredge Manor in Bountiful, Utah

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Time Goes By Way Too Fast!

Wow, it's been just about FIVE months since I started this thing. I guess I better do a way fast update. I am currently working the night shift at work. I just took a patient to the bathroom. I have all my medications caught up. All my chart checks are done. And all of my charting is caught up...Great!

As you know, Will and I are getting married NEXT week. Yes. Crazy. I will have to for sure put pictures up here after the wedding. We will be getting married in Bountiful at this place called the Eldredge Manor. It is an old mansion type of place. Here are some pics...

Then for our Honeymoon we are going on a 7 day cruise to the Mexican Riviera. We have lots of fun excursions planned. Will has never been on a cruise so I hope that he enjoys it because I love to cruise. I am excited because we have a balcony off our room. So it will be relaxing to just go out there and sit. I'm looking forward to it! I've already got my packing list all printed up :)

It will be a much needed break. Work is going to be getting really busy for me because we are heading into the colder season...which means snow...which means people falling and breaking bones. I work on the orthopedic/neurological medical/surgical floor so I deal with all the broken bones, joint replacements, brain surgeries (after they spend a day in ICU), back surgeries, neck surgeries, and strokes. It is crazy in the winter time. I always find myself hearing all the crazy stories from the skiers that crash and burn.

Well, I guess besides work and wedding planning, I have been trying to get my house unpacked still. It is coming along very slowly, but surely. I think I will have less on my mind once the wedding is done and over with.

Well, thanks for reading! Hope to update you soon with wedding and honeymoon pics!

Later days!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Camille has NO clue what she is doing!

Well, it's me...Camille...and I really don't know anything about this whole blogging thing. I guess I decided to start one for a couple reasons... Reason #1 I want to stay in touch with people. Reason #2 It's late at night and I have nothing better to do. As far as an update goes for the last couple years, I guess the most fun and exciting things that have happened are these... #1 I graduated from Dixie State College's Nursing Program in Dec. '07. #2 I moved away from St. George in Jan. '08. #3 I became a Registered Nurse. #4 I met William in May '08. #5 William proposed in May'09. #6 The rest is history. Haha. William is a "college student". He is in his last semester before he will receive his BA in Spanish Business, with minors in Criminal Justice, Sociology, and Fashion Merchandising (yes, so random...I laugh). We are planning on getting married in October. We are currently in the process of buying a house (lots of paperwork....nuts). But it's fun and it's neat to "grow up". Lol. Who'd thunk I'd ever do that?!? Well, I guess that is it for my first blog. I will figure out how to post pictures and all that fun jazz. I'm excited to start to be able to stay in touch with my friends and family!